Top Reasons Why Sanding Your Hardwood Timber Flooring Can Prove to Be Beneficial

With the latest in contemporary design trends, Hardwood timber flooring is becoming the most sought-after type of flooring in homes, businesses, and public buildings. However, when even small imperfections are visible in this type of flooring surface, it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve a water-resistant finish that protects against moulds, bacteria, and dampness. Fortunately for all those concerned with maintaining natural timber finishes as close to their original form as possible, there is one treatment that has proven to be effective - sanding.

Timber floor sanding Melbourne aims to remove every possible blemish from the timber floor surface so that it can be polished, varnished, or waxed. This gives a high sheen finish and ensures a smooth, comfortable surface that is perfect for all those wearing shoes inside when visiting the premises on a daily basis. However, the benefits of sanding extend far beyond simply smoothing out any imperfections and making the floor look good.

When the timber has been sanded it becomes smooth and looks nice and clean, so the question may be asked to Timber Floor Suppliers in Melbourne, ‘why do I need to strip it first?’ Generally, unlike other floor surfaces such as cold pressed linoleum or polished concrete floors that can be stripped with minimal preparation and no cleaning required prior to re-varnishing, timber floors need a little more attention and preparation in order to acquire an ideal finish. The following are some of the benefits:

  • The treated surface is rendered resistant to moisture damage and bacterial growth.
  • It provides the timber with a smooth surface that is in keeping with modern trends.
  • The increased durability makes it more resistant to weathering and similar problems.
  • Sanding helps to enhance the natural beauty of the wood and brings out the grain wherever possible.
  • Professionally sanded floorboards are extremely resistant to denting even when subjected to heavy footfall.
  • It will improve greatly any room's air quality by eliminating some of the chemicals that were previously used to treat a wooden floor.
  • Professional sanding companies have the knowledge and tools needed to be able to remove surface wear from a floor without causing unnecessary damage.
  • Many people seek out old, antique floors for their homes and these floors can benefit greatly from a sanding job.
  • Sanding a floor will help to bring out the natural grain exhibited in the timber, which is useful in rustic or traditional room layouts.
  • The dust generated by sanding can be released from newly sanded floors at the end of a project without causing any damage to the surfaces underneath.

A successful sanding job can provide a feeling of comfort, durability, and quality that is often hard to find in cheap carpets or similar floor coverings.

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